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Featured Project


Custom development. Creation of site incorporating authenticated login, payment methods, and pixelation algorithm. React, Express, Node.js, MongoDB.

Featured Project

Paul Lehrman

Completely redid a site from the 90s into something more modern, more clear, and more beautiful. Created new content. WordPress.

Torn Ticket II

Design overhaul; WordPress

Design and Engineering Workshops

Design revamp; WordPress

Community Engineering

Creation start-to-finish; WordPress

U32 Class of 1984

Creation start-to-finish; WordPress

Tweaked Websites

All of these were preexisting sites, which required diving into an existing ecosystem and reverse engineering, working around permissions set by long-gone developers, and navigating custom themes and multisites. Assorted content updates, edits, and/or prototypes on various CMS’s.

Team Projects

ToneTicker for Documentary Songwriters

  • Pitch counter web app for non-profit
  • Tracks how many musical notes have been played in order to encourage practice
  • React.js, Express, Node.js, PostgreSQL


  • Health and wellness web app
  • Integrates meal prep and strength exercise API’s to provide diet and allergy-sensitive suggestions to users
  • React.js, Express, Node.js, MySQL

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